Here are the Open Jam brand images. Feel free to use it these images in games submitted to Open Jam (great for splash screens!), and when promoting Open Jam on social media.

Open Jam brand images by Open Jam is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Based on a work at

Image No BG White BG Black BG
Open Jam Jar PNG open-jam-jar-no-bg.png open-jam-jar-white-bg.png open-jam-jar-black-bg.png
Open Jam Jar SVG open-jam-jar-no-bg.svg open-jam-jar-white-bg.svg open-jam-jar-black-bg.svg PNG open-jam-logo-dot-io-no-bg.png open-jam-logo-dot-io-white-bg.png open-jam-logo-dot-io-black-bg.png SVG open-jam-logo-dot-io-no-bg.svg open-jam-logo-dot-io-white-bg.svg open-jam-logo-dot-io-black-bg.svg
Logo with tagline PNG open-jam-logo-tagline-no-bg.png open-jam-logo-tagline-white-bg.png open-jam-logo-tagline-black-bg.png
Logo with tagline SVG open-jam-logo-tagline-no-bg.svg open-jam-logo-tagline-white-bg.svg open-jam-logo-tagline-black-bg.svg